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NFQ Technologies Team

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank the Grail Events team for the perfectly organized Christmas Oscar ceremony for our company. Thank you that everything happened on time, went smoothly, cheerfully, in an original way, and ensured a good mood! According to colleagues, it was the best Christmas party we’ve ever had!


Anna Lasmane

On behalf of Walletto team I would like to express our gratitude for sports games event organisation to you and your team! We really appreciate the effort put into work, every desire was satisfied and every problem that occured on the way was quickly solved. Colleagues are happy which is the most important. And creativity was on point! We will be glad to work with you again:)

Columbus Global

Camilla Gronnegaard

Thank you for the great event, we think the evening went very well. And thank you for the nice present, I did not have a chance to look at it until I got back to Denmark. Really nice pictures in the book!


Simonas Bankauskas, Founder

The Venice themed festive event exceeded our expectations – it was effective, impeccably organized, and left great impressions for both employees and partners from abroad. We are also very satisfied with the events of the opening of new clinics in Klaipėda and Alytus and the presentation in the media – the services were implemented on time, smoothly and as expected. Thanks to Paulius and the Grail Events team.

Santonika JSC

Indrė Jokubavičienė, Director of Personnel and General Affairs

Thank you for the perfectly organized company events for many years. Employees look forward to the annual winter festival, which is always different, engaging, creates a good mood and meets our needs. Also, everyone really liked the celebratory summer festival on our premises – the solutions you proposed for the program and the space were total success, the employees are still talking about the event. I always recommend you to others with confidence!


Kristina Kintė, HR Manager

Thank you for your attentiveness, pleasant communication, and creative and high-quality events for the company team that exceed expectations every time. Thank you for the well-organized AKSOS 50th anniversary event for VIP guests.

Hegelmann Group

Agne Ambrazeviciene, CMO

Paulius and the Grail Events team have been helping to organize our events for several years so far. We are grateful for this cooperation, original concepts of the events, and high-quality delivery every time. Last year’s Eventex award-winning event “Hegelmann Group Values Summerfest” was organized on the premises of the company, thus everything was thought out from the smallest details, thoroughly considering the festival, the implementation of an unusual stage concept, and the creation of an interactive program. Last year’s record number of participants and feedback prove that the event was successful. Employees were happy to spend time in the open air and enjoy delicious, locally prepared food, an engaging program, and great company of colleagues.

Hegelmann Group

Danguole Kader, COO

Thank you, Paulius and the whole team, for your patience and never-ending ideas that make the event even more interesting, fun, and impressive every time 😉

Elektros Energijos Tiekimo Servisas

Ruta Razmisleviciene

The feedback about the event is only the best, everyone was impressed with the evening’s program. You did a great job, I really liked the work and attention of your team. You always did everything on time, at the right place, and were present when you were needed. The event simply exceeded all expectations!

Eglė Jackaitė


Thank you for creating an extremely beautiful celebration for me and my closest people. It was very good, beautiful, and unforgettable! Great impressions!!! Best wishes to everyone who made us happy that festive evening! THANK YOU again and again!

Ieva and Lukas

We are immensely grateful for our impeccably organized wedding, for the unexpected solutions, useful tips and indelible memories! Will wish you the greatest success in your future endeavours!